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Greatest triathlete??
Any views on who is the greatest triathlon of all time? I know lots of different ways to cut it but what are people's thoughts?

Some options I've considered include

Dave Scott
Mark Allen
Chris McCormack
Chrissie Wellington
Ali Brownlee
Javier Gomez
Jan Frodeno
Craig Alexander
Paula Newby-Fraser

I really like Javier Gomez, he has been so consistent and looks like he is going to go on to dominate middle/long distance.
And considering how much he had to fight with the governing bodies to even be able to race pro says a lot.

Maybe it's a little early to call him the greatest, maybe you can only call them that once the retire and you can sum up all they've achieved.

Although people like Macca and Wellington are doing so much to make the sport better so if that counts towards their greatness as a triathlete that makes it even more difficult to choose!

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