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Racing abroad
Has anyone got any experience of racing abroad?
Any hints, tips and warnings to look out for.
Good or bad experiences?
Logistics and language barriers?

My bro is getting married in Barcelona in 2019 and there might be a Challenge or Ironman event that coincides with us being over there.
Racing abroad is the best imo. Fantastic way to see some different countries and if you can combine it with a holiday... better still.

Re tips. Not many really. Just check your insurance. Bike and personal . You never know you might not be covered. Also racing in different temperatures can be a real problem. You think you'll be ok but I've come unstuck before both too hot and not warm enough doing a mountain stage of the Tour De France. Thought it would've warm enough in July .... I was wrong!!! Re Barcelona I think that's autumn right? Conditions could be perfect!
Thanks Phil, yeah think it will be Ironman Barcelona (70.3) or Challenge Salou 70.3, depending what dates are.
Temp should be mid 20's? Might be a bit warm for me on the run so I'll have to factor that in to my training and nutrition.
This is all hypothetical at the moment as it might not be possible if my wife's exams are around that time so carting 2 kids and all their kit plus bike and gear would be a nightmare.... What if my bike got lost Wink
Getting your bike there well worth some research assuming you are flying. Consider bike box and which carrier you use. Some flinging bikes into the hold without any care or attention.
Yeah I have heard some horror stories about bikes going missing and also arriving with broken frames! The video of baggage handlers throwing luggage onto the plane in full view of the passengers is ridiculous! And the undercover ones too.

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