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First Sea swim
Managed to get a sea swim in today seeing as we are down in Cornwall, life guard said it wasn't the nicest time to swim as I would probably get a bit of water in my face when bi-breathing because of where the tide was but I wasn't in a position to wait 3 hrs and wasn't looking for specific swim just testing the water as it were.
So did 1100m with some bobbing around getting my bearings and swimming in and out and side to side, getting through the breaking waves and back.

I don't like the sea much anyway but it wasn't so bad and I'm quite good at staying calm and relaxed now which helps a lot.
Did take a gob full of water and wanted to throw up, it is bloody awful to swallow.

Can't say I would be a regular sea swimmer for the fun of it but I will practice when I get chance with a view to doing a sea swim tri without much worry as there's more people so better odds of not getting eaten by a shark!
But all in all a good experience.
It's good to get practice in if you have an event like Tenby that is open water as the waves can really affect you. I find sea swimming can give me motion sickness as you bob up and down on waves to get your breathing right. Always need a few goes each year to get back into it after swimming in lakes and pools rest of the year.
sea swimming... a whole different ball game. Get motion sickness myself too. I have to take tablets to prevent being ill.

I've tried the Pier2Pier event twice in Bournemouth and failed to complete it on both attempts because of the swell. It's the only event that has beaten me ever! Like I said...sea swimming is a whole different ball game.

Some recommend having mouth wash on hand to take sea water taste away as soon as you finish. Also nose clip is a must for many even if you don't normally wear one as the salt water can play havoc with your sinuses.

All that said, you get a warm day with calm clear water and then it can be amazing. Planning a swim event at the end of the summer that starts on the mainland and finishes on IOW. Not sure its a good idea having never completed pier2pier but I guess once you've started your committed
Good luck!
I had my nose clip on, can't imagine what it would be like without it.
I would enter a sea event like a triathlon or even a purely sea swim event and I would do the training for it in the sea but wouldn't just go for a sea swim for the fun of it, it would need a purpose.
I live about 70 miles from the nearest coast anyway so no like I can just bob down to the beach in a whim.

Can't say I felt sea sick but maybe if I was in there for longer, not sure whether I would get sea sick as I generally avoid the sea.
Went to st michael's mount yesterday and had to get the boat back from the island as the tide had covered the causeway, literally a 3 minute boat ride from the island harbour to the beach, it didn't particularly float my boat.

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