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Looking for some reading inspiration
Any good book recommendations? Off on holiday shortly and after any new suggestions. Read most of the obvious ones. Loved Iron War & Born to run.
Cycling wise I like both David Millar's books (Racing through the dark and The Racer)
Triathlon wise I'm currently reading Chris McCormack's 'I'm here to win' which is taking a little bit of getting in to but is an interesting insight in to his mental game.
Obviously being from Leeds I enjoyed the Brownlee's book but also Chrissy Wellington's book was also quite good.

Shame most of mine are on kindle at the minute as we could have had a book swap on the forum where we pass on a book to another interested forum member when you've finished and then pass it forward, maybe when there's more active members it could work.

I tried reading 'running with the Kenyans' but did t get on with it.
I can send you that when I get back to work next week if you want?
Love the idea a book swap. Yep loved Christie wellingtons book. She has a new one due in September. Brownlee boys book was good but I knew a lot of their story already. Will check out Chris McCormack book. Thanks for the tip!
If anyone wants 'running with kenyans' pm me your address I'll post it out next week.

Javier Gomez has a book but I could only see it in Spanish last time I checked, anyone know if it will be or has been translated into English?
Swim,bike,run by the Brownlees is currently £1.99 on kindle store, bargain!!!!!
Interested in this thread. Will check out the Chris McCormack book. Thanks for sharing.
The Racer by David Millar and The Climb by Chris Froome currently £1.99 each on Kindle.
Liked the David Millar book. Will check out the Chris froome book as haven't read anything from him. Loved the Chris McCormack book though. Fascinating character and experience.

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