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Open water swim slower than expected
I've been swimming at least once a week for a few months including plenty of coaching and finally made my first open water of the year this weekend. My pace was much slower than I was expecting but felt pretty uncomfortable with my tri suit under my wetsuit. Especially right around my shoulders and uncomfortable. Could my tri suit be too tight and restricting my shoulder movement slowing my pace?
Did you take a lot of time getting into your wetsuit?
I find the trick is to really take your time and be relaxed and work the wetsuit right up into the crotch before pulling it on to your waist and then working it right up before you try to get your arms in.
That way there's no gap between the wetsuit and your armpit when you lift your arm up so no restriction. That should help your arms not getting as fatigued and a more efficient stroke.
If it's your first time in open water I wouldn't expect to be as quick as the pool straight away or even try to be as quick at the moment.
Give it a few times to get used to it and then the speed will come naturally.
I'm currently down in Cornwall, brought my wetsuit so trying to find time and weather for my first sea swim!!!! I suspect it will be a whole different ball game from open water swimming in a lake so I'm not gonna try for any particular speed or distance just going to try to be calm and relaxed and 'find my feet'.
I've been open water swimming for a few years but worry about how my tri suit and wetsuit are fitting together through my shoulders. Feels all wrong.

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